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Use the large dial to select the desired communication channel.

Use the push-to-talk button (PTT) on the microphone to transmit.

Climate change is causing many plants to flower earlier in spring, exposing them to novel selection pressures, including—potentially—pollinator shortages.

Over 2 years that contrasted in timing of flowering onset, we studied reproductive strategies, pollen limitation, and selection on flowering time in , a self-incompatible, spring-flowering perennial.

Find out where fate will take her fury in this tale of wild and wicked vengeance.

Time tempts Love can be tragic.17th Century America: A Shaman’s daughter falls in love with an Englishman, only her hand has been promised to a warrior.

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8-3 miles to the paul bunyan trail and the stretch.

We suggest that plasticity in floral longevity and resource allocation among flowers will make this species resilient to short-term pollinator deficits; whether this will help or hinder future adaptation is unclear.

Climate change has given a new urgency to the need to understand how flowering phenology affects plant reproductive success and the ability of populations to adaptively adjust flowering time in response to changing conditions (Elzinga et al., 2007).

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Locate the radio in a place where you can reach it conveniently and see the display. Place the antenna on the roof of a car or in an elevated place if no vehicle is available. Rotate the volume and squelch controls fully counter-clockwise.

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