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If you're doing it manually, use SQL Management Studio's editor and enter the data directly into the row rather than writing a query.

The "tiresome way" is standard SQL and how mainstream RDBMS do it.

design problem in general terms but there are circumstances where bulk validation / data cleaning may be required.

I am currently engaged in so doing and in SQL Server 2012 you can now update more than 1 column per @John Woo answer below.

Hire Date) 1 END as Hire Date FY, CASE WHEN MONTH(e. Hire Date) - 1 END as Hire Period FROM Employee e WHERE e. The where clause including the limit on the Employee ID is definitely worthwhile, bacause there might be some records in the #Act Empl which are not present in #Emp List, so those will not be updated and it looks like this is what you want. compatibility of publisher, subscriber and distributor Can the way this statement is written speed the query up or should I look at table design?

All I want to do is update two columns in a table from another table. SQL-2000 is preferable, but I'd like to see other solutions too. @mustaccio I tried your version and also the above mentioned by Gordon but they didn't work. The thing which is different in my query is this... update (select specific record of the table based on some condition) set col1 = val1, col2 = val2; update (select specific record of the table based on some condition) set (col1, col2) = (val1, val2);@Gordon Linoff It really looks awkward. To make this work on SQL Server you'll need to make a few changes.But don't fret, when you see the example below you'll probably kick yourself like I did because it makes perfect sense and is a very familiar concept to us SQL Server developers.

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