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That said, it does have hundreds of listings that are fun to browse vicariously - seeing as the site only sprung up this week, they've either gained traction fast, or a bunch of these are fake. Other new dating sites include Lonely Bloggers, the dating service for bloggers; Social21, a combination of My Space-style networking and dating; Match Activity, for activity-based meet ups; and the matchmaker service

Even so, a bunch of fake listings looks better than a completely dead site.

Charisma is also what makes famous men and women so appealing to the public eye.

Charisma consists mostly of: 1) A high emotional intelligence quotient 2) Self-confidence 3) The ability to think out of the box 1) Richard Wiseman, professor at the university in Hertfordshire, found out about number 1 as he discovered that all charismatic persons where able to feel emotions strongly, make others experience strong emotions and also to resist the emotional influence of other charismatic people.

This of course is also influenced by rhetorical abilities but it seems that those abilities can only form with the proper emotional intelligence.

Maybe users were too nervous or busy to strike conversation, but the app encourages people to cross paths again on a planned date.

The app also informs users on the number of times someone has crossed paths with them.

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If you remember the specific day your saw the person, you can narrow your search by date, and obviously you can conduct gender-specific searches, too.

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