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Please tell us what male celebrity you think is most handsome ♪ Mine is Masanobu Ando’s.I think.would be cool to include a stylish photo too!His appeal is his subtle sensitivity and depth in his presence.On the surface, he appears quiet and kind, but amid that stillness lies a knife with an incredible cutting edge which contributes to his sharp performance.(//∇//) @162 You don’t choose your husband or boyfriend because of their face.It’s almost impossible to get along with such a perfect person.

Looking for companionship, Mitsuyo decided to reach out to Yuichi after a lengthy time without correspondence.Nevertheless, Mitsuyo persuades Yuichi to run away with her and not turn himself in.Running away places heavy burdens on their families as well as the victim's family. Definitely one of those stories that leave you feeling conflicted and melancholy about the whole.So, we have Eita and Ryuhei Matsuda first on the list. He also landed good roles in Summer Time Machine Blues, Memories of Matsuko, Nodame Cantabile and, April Bride.- - - But his turn as Tada in Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken and the subsequent drama series that follows has put him in the spotlight.

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He works as a blue-collar day-labourer and leads a lonely life: his only real interest is his car.

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