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' I freaked out a bit and blushed." But Willis, 20, insists that she didn't feel awkward around the actor for long, because he could see he was so in love with Moore.She adds, "I realised I'd never seen my mum happier.

Demi Moore's actress daughter Rumer Willis has sparked rumours of a blossoming new romance with Jayson Blair after the pair was spotted getting cosy in Los Angeles. Rumer Willis is reportedly dating actor Jayson Blair.

She also said at one point that she wished she was her mother.

However, when Ashton Kutcher became her stepdad, she found that he is an amazing person and a doting stepdad.

The debate continues over whether or not Rumer Willis has broken her silence over her mother's health problems, though it looks likely that, in fact, the rumours are false. The young actors were photographed leaving Soho House together on Tuesday (February 14, 2012), just over a...

Demi Moore's daughter Rumer Willis has denied opening up about her mother's health battle, insisting recent quotes were wrongly attributed to her.

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