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We can't take you shopping, you don't know designers, and you have no idea about trends.

I ended up in bed with him a couple times for more makeout sessions and cuddling which ultimately left me feeling uncomfortable and, I am sure, left him massively unsatisfied. For the next few months we were in contact almost every day, much more than any other friend that I’d left behind.

When we've been burned one time to many by men and we've said, maybe even jokingly, how much easier it would be to become a lesbian and never have to deal with them again. But a recent study from the Essex University psychology department said that while straight men are straight, no question, heterosexual women — whatever we ourselves might think — are always secretly attracted to their own sex, too. According to the study, all women are either gay or bisexual, but NEVER straight.

So without further ado, here at the 10 reasons giving up on men and becoming a lesbian isn't such a bad idea.

As he fall's deeper and deeper in love with you, you are setting him up for a hugh melt down if you don't do something about it as soon as possible.

If you love him as much as you say you do, let him down easy.

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