Grief and a child reaction to a parent dating

Losing a child is the loneliest, most desolate journey a person can take and the only people who can come close to appreciating it are those who share the experience.

The meeting was a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends, an organization solely dedicated to providing support for those who have lost children, grandchildren or siblings.

Parents dating is a hot topic in Comfort Zone Camp’s Healing Circles and support groups.

Some kids are open, even hoping, that Mom or Dad will remarry.

Your dad has been defined throughout your whole life through marriage to your mother, as father to you.

Imagine how nerve-wracking and terrifying it must be to find yourself alone after many years of marriage, without a touchstone or witness to your life, all while mourning an immense loss, and try to have sympathy for your parent.

Most of what I share in this article came from this meeting, but also from my own experience of having lost a child and being four years into that lifelong journey of healing from deep grief. The loss of children is a pain all bereaved parents share, and it is a degree of suffering that is impossible to grasp without experiencing it first hand.When you are ready to date, I recommend taking your time to introduce him or her to your kids.From the beginning, be honest with your kids; let them know you are going to start dating, or that you are dating someone you like. It’s okay to respond to a negative response with, “I am sorry you feel that way.The facilitator was a tall gentleman who had lost his 17 year old son eight years ago.He opened the meeting by saying that dues to belong to the club are more than anyone would ever want to pay.

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