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Although dating can be seen as harmless and fun, dating for the sake of dating can really screw with someone’s head.Not only is it unfair to the individuals you are seeing, but it’s also unfair to yourself.But whether or not the reasons for being rejected are valid, there's a sense that you're disposable.

Also be aware that many singles in relationships cheat and try to connect with somebody who lives across the country where it would be difficult for their significant other to find out.

When you meet someone who resides a distance away from you, they are often acting differently in those limited meetings than the person they truly are the rest of the time.

It’s a pity, but it is often hard to find out what they are all about because the long distance relationship often serves for some as an escape from the everyday.

Not only does purity show a sense of respect and honor to one another, but it will also show the depth in which your relationship with God stands. And although it might be a no-brainer to most of you, you’d be surprised to know how many people leave prayer and fasting out of their dating lives.

God intended sex to be for marriage, and as a follower of Christ it’s our duty to protect this sacred gift. When it comes to Christian dating, any relationship that hasn’t been prayerfully considered is a relationship I’d re-consider.

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