Consolidating private student loans sallie mae

Sallie Mae will consolidate Sallie Mae student loans and guarantees the lowest interest rate allowed by the government (for federal consolidation).

They can do both federal and private student loan consolidation, and then you can get one bill and manage all your loans together in one place.

So thru school I took out 130,000 in private loans thru Sallie Mae.

Examine Sallie Mae's student loan refinancing and consolidation options.

Since you are already a customer at Sallie Mae, you may be entitled to interest rate discounts on your refinancing or consolidation.

Both of my parents are out of work and I moved home to pay their bills to keep the house, but my loans went into default, with interest I owe 0,000 which is insane and I can't even get married or anything because of them.

I want to settle my debt but they don't deserve that interest from not helping make a real life payment plan for me .

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