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Beginning in the 16th century, tens of thousands of Africans were brought to Bolivia and forced to work in Potosis silver mines as acémilas humanas, human mules.The mines, 4,000 meters in elevation, were filled with toxic fumes and mercury vapors; its said that miners worked twelve hour days, remaining underground for four consecutive months. From 1545 to 1825the end of the colonial periodas many as eight million African and indigenous Bolivian miners died.“This ideology of division is characteristic of imperialism: Divide and reign,” he said, according to Tele Sur.

According to the AP, Morales stated: "The United States does not lack institutions that continue to conspire, and that's why I am using this gathering to announce that we have decided to expel USAID from Bolivia.” The role of USAID in Bolivia has been a primary point of contention between the U. Documents obtained by investigative journalist Jeremy Bigwood show that as early as 2002, USAID funded a “Political Party Reform Project,” which sought to “serve as a counterweight to the radical MAS [Morales’ political party] or its successors.” Later USAID began a program “to provide support to fledgling regional governments,” some of which were pushing for regional autonomy and were involved in the September 2008 destabilization campaign that left some 20 indigenous Bolivians dead. As a recent CEPR report on USAID activities in Haiti concluded, U. aid often goes into a “black box” where it becomes impossible to determine who the ultimate recipients actually are.A combined wake and celebration takes place in a community of enslaved Africans in Bolivias colonial era.A beloved child is dying, so why does the community dance in joy?To protect the girl from a fearful passing, and to express gratitude that death will release at least one innocent child from the shackles of slavery.As this dramatic dance implies, its impossible to overestimate the suffering of the Potos miners.

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